ludwig erhard forum cooperation

Students of the screen based media of Beuth Hochschule, Berlin 2012/2013 took a special look at Ludwig Erhard Haus. With photo- und videocams they reflected artistic, political and technical aspects of the architecture of the building.

The currency reform of  1948 and the way Ludwig Erhard introduced the german D-Mark played a big role in how the students went about drawing comparison between then and todays Euro crisis. Faszinating how a country like germany with a flourishing black market could develop into a economically save and growing society.

Students also tried to understand the role of an venturer, employer and entrepeneur then and today. Today they are often critizised for the bad social involvement, although they can be the driving force of a visionary and idealistic venture, that is often risky. Good ideas and visionary ventures are as positive today as they were back in 1948.

The movies show different attitudes towards the topic. They reflect in different ways the economy and the currency reform back then in a formal and artistic way.

a cooperative project of IHK Berlin und  Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin,
Studiengang Screen Based Media, FB8, Prof. Antya Umstätter

Partner of IHK Berlin: Katja Steinbrück, Bereichsleiterin Büro der Hauptgeschäftsführung, | Jan Pörksen, Bereichsleiter Mitgliederkommunikation & Service Center,

movie example from Markus Schambach here:

movie example of Jan Kleinbecause of it´s shape, the Ludwig Erhard House is called Gürteltierhaus in Berlin.


Part of the exhibition is showing still in Beuth Hochschule für Technik, 3rd floor near the CGA Lab.

By the end of this Semester, students are requested to pick up their prints from Prof. Umstätter.


Cooperation with Scholz and Volkmer agency and kids Circus Cabuwazi  2011/12

This cooperation was made possible with two courses:
mediainformatic students had to pair up with audiovisual students to work on a project for the xbox Kinect.

Informatic students did the programming (teacher: Charlotte Vorbeck), the filmstudents designed and filmed the images (professor A. Umstätter). The cooperation was very fruitful, not always easy: Students ran into problems that they will probably be confronted with when they work later on: Who decides what? How to manage a team of different thinking experts? How to think of an interactive piece with the experience of linear narrative storytelling? How large may the images be when the interactive piece is performing well? Will the user of the piece understand, what he or she is supposed to do?
Anyway the jury of Scholz and Volkmer agency people and Beuth-Hochschule was delighted of the results.

Here ist a movie that was made as a trailer to the interactive piece by students Thomas Klenke and Fabio Fritsche.

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